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The Idea of Life Balance - Part One - The Story of Molly Mom.

Life Balance. Is there truly a thing? Or is it a just a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?

Let's start with an example to illustrate how different areas of our life affect other areas of life. Let's take a look at Molly Mom. Molly Mom has three children, a house, is approaching 40, and before she was married and had kids was on her way to the top with her career. Feeling a pull to be at home with her kids while they grew up, she left her career and partook on a new journey.

Molly Mom is feeling restless as her children grow. She wants to work from home selling her beautiful handmade jewelry on Etsy, but . . . the budget is tight, her credit is so-so, and the cost of jewelry supplies would stretch the finances and cause tension in her marriage, and she feels guilty if she leaves her 3-year-old alone to watch a TV show in the next room over for an hour to work on her jewelry with the supplies she does have.

Now let's take a look at the areas of life that are being affected by this. Finances. Family. Field (Career). Fun. There are not enough finances to cover the startup costs, resentment builds towards her family because although she doesn't want to admit it, she feels stuck by them through no fault of their own, her career has been put to the side and now she can't even see how she can build one, and fun? Forget about it, jewelry making is her fun and heaven knows she can't see her friends that often because she is busy with the kids and so are they! Add the Friends category to that list.

Oh wait! Faith too. God, is this what He had planned for her life? Maybe. Does she feel like she is living up to her purpose? No. So, add Faith to that list. But wait there's more! Molly Mom has gained more weight than she cares to admit since giving birth 3 years ago. Molly Mom is tired from the stress. Sure, Molly would like to be active and fit again, but what would she do with her 3-year-old? It's just not worth trying one more program, one more magical supplement, one more quick fix.

What can Molly Mom do? . . .

Stay tuned . . .

Anchored in Hope,


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