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The Idea of Life Balance - Part Two - The Story of Molly Mom.

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Molly Mom has a choice to make. Keep going down the same path or search for a better way. Her friend hands her a book that introduces her to a framework that categorizes each area of her life and teaches her how to systematically create goals and action steps to help her balance everything out.

Molly Mom reads through the book, finding practical wisdom in each story as the authors tell their own stories. Day by day, step by step, Molly starts seeing a difference in her life as she implements what she learns from the book.

Molly learns to create space for her work, plan her days and meals instead of them planning her. Due to the new focus and action steps, her finances improve and so does her marriage. Laughter enters the home again, and the family is able to take periodic weekend trips for fun and save money through the Green Gap system for a vacation. Her faith grows as she explores different ways to connect to God.

Molly prioritizes action steps over the little things, at least 3 a day to be exact. First some business, and then the laundry. First the budget, then the meal planning, then get the groceries. Choose healthier options, and her fitness levels started to improve.

It all flows together. If this sounds like a book you need (which I believe that everyone does!), feel free to either click on the picture, or if you are ready to take it a step further, reach out to me for a free consultation.

Anchored in Hope,


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